Bloom and Simmer Out Now

Bloom and Simmer is a compilation of covers, live recordings and previously unreleased material from some very cool Australian artists, it’s out today! Thanks for including us Remote Control Records. “This cover of The Watcher was initially recorded shortly after Lemmy had passed away in 2015. We had grand aspirations of releasing it in his honour as a special 7” for Record Store Day the following year, but much like many of our grand plans it never eventuated so its been sitting on a hard drive ever since. We’re glad we were able to get it released now though because its always something we were proud and were all slightly bothered that we never managed to do anything with it! For what its worth our version references the one he did with Hawkwind, which first appeared on their third record Doremi Fasol Latido and is, in our opinion far superior to the Motorhead one that they recorded later on. Enjoy!”